Welcome to On-Arc Sustainable.

We’re so excited to have you onboard for this national virtual event.

There are just 2 steps to get you ready for On-Arc:

        1. Send us your marketing assets for your booth
        2. Attend the 30-minute platform training

That is it!


What does an On-Arc booth look like?

The On-Arc Sustainable expo is where specifiers from across Australia will come to find out more about your products and how they assist in their work towards sustainable design.

Your booth acts as an introduction to your brand and products with the aim of enticing them to learn more by chatting and meeting with you live.

The Arc Agency will set up your booth for you and will get your final approval prior to the event.

Please watch this quick video first:

The On-Arc Sustainable Booth

To create your booth, we require the following information and marketing assets:


A online submission is the preferred submission method. If would would like a printable version of the below form please click here.

    Booth Details Required

    Company Name

    Company Representatives
    A maximum of 3 booth representatives is recommended.

    Representative 1

    Representative 2

    Representative 3

    Booth Name*

    The name of the company, product, or content. For example, a booth name could be “Acme Co” or “Sign up list.” It’s up to you.

    Website Link*

    Primary Email*
    The email where all emails from attendees who click the “Register Interest” button will be delivered.

    Booth Headline*
    Any short text about the booth, e.g. company/product motto or key message.
    Medium Booth: 150 character limit. Large Booth: 70 character limit

    A few words to make the booth more descriptive for the event attendees. 700 character limit.

    Product Category Tag*
    This is a label that sorts booth by categories and helps attendees to quickly navigate through booths during the event i.e. Flooring, Facades

    Social Links

    We highly recommend you have stand prize, when specifiers enter the draw to win you will receive their email address.

    Offer Button*
    Any short text used as a click to action for the attendees. E.g. “Enter to win a luxury getaway here!” or “Go in the draw to win!”

    Offer Button Action*
    You can either receive the specifiers email or they can be directed to your website.

    If you have selected website above please specify the website URL

    Pre-Recorded Promotion Video Link(You can provide this later if required)

    Additional Promotion Video Link

    Booth Marketing Assets Required with Dimensions

    1. Company Logo

    • Recommended: 1080 x 1080 px (1:1)

    2. Booth Banner Image

    • Large Booth: Recommended size: 2000 x 500px(4:1 aspect ratio). Minimum size: 1000 x 250px
    • Medium Booth: Recommended size: 1500 x 750px (2:1 aspect ratio). Minimum size: 1000 x 500px

    3. Product PDF
    4. Product Images: If you would like in a particular order, please number images in order of importance, with 1 being the most important, we will order images in this order.
    5. Headshot for each representative at booth, please name the file as per the representative’s name
    6. Word document with copy you would like to include. Please send formatting as you would like it to appear. Customisation available:

    • Multiple heading elements (H1-H3, paragraph)
    • Bold, italic, underline, strikethrough formatting
    • Adding colour to the text
    • Turning text to a hyperlink
    • Bulleted lists
    • Numbered lists
    • Block quotes
    • Inserting media as the URL (links will generate a preview for most popular media: GIFs, social media posts, Spotify, YouTube, Google Maps, etc.)

    Please let us know if there is a particular order you would like your content by including instructions in a document with your marketing assets.

    Please upload all above mentioned assets in the recommended size to dropbox and provide link below