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NEW 7-week brand campaign starting soon​

Architects & Designers need your new products, innovations, technologies, and solutions

  • Source: NEW is a new campaign from The Arc Agency running from September-November 2022 and dedicated to presenting new products to Architects and Designers in Sydney, Melbourne, and Brisbane.
      • Targeted and timely-7 week campaign targeting architectural and interior design firms
      • Guaranteed exposure – product updates will take place with Architects & Designers, (face to face on Zoom)
      • Access Architects & Designers-working on current projects that require your new solutions
      • Open conversations – educate and provide exposure for your new products with specifiers
      • Generate weekly project interest -through timely reporting of meetings conducted
      • Build brand awareness – Reach hundreds of firms easily & put your product front-of-mind with the decision-makers
      • Exclusivity– non-competing. Only one supplier per product category
  • Throughout the campaign, The Arc Agency will be presenting new products to architects and designers in NSW, VIC, and QLD. The product update meetings are prescheduled appointments.
  • TAA facilitated the Source: Sustainable Campaign in 2021 and 2022.

  • May 2022= 21 brands were provided with 1782 project interest reports over 8 weeks

  • March 2021= 20 brands were provided with 1449 project interest reports over 8 weeks
  • This is a face to face introduction of your products direct to architects and designers working on relevant projects and with a solid focus on new products, innovations, technologies, and solutions. The program, unlike other forms of marketing, provides you with immediate brand awareness and project interest.
  • The focus of the Source: NEW campaign is specification professionals that work across all project segments from residential, commercial, retail, aged care, hospitality, government, healthcare etc.
  • The Arc Agency has over 20 years of relationships with these architects and designers through conducting daily forums within their practices.
  • We will be meeting with 500+ architects and designers across the two-month campaign.

  • How do you find architects and designers to target?

  • The Arc Agency connects daily with hundreds of specification professionals, and we have a robust architectural database. Within the industry, we conduct an average of:
      • 750+ product update meetings per month
      • 200+ group presentations per month
      • 25+ online and face to face industry events yearly
  • Product update meetings are a time-efficient and educational way for specifiers to find out about products and solutions in the industry.
  • Source: NEW is the best way for specifiers to seek out these types of products.
  • 20 non-competing product suppliers.
  • On average we would present products from 5 suppliers. This is dependant upon the projects that the specifier is working on. The product presentations are customised so they are relevant.
  • We provide you with a short questionnaire to complete about your new products and solutions. You will provide us with 8-12 product/project images with the main product attributes outlined.
  • This is through a Zoom session.
  • We require an elevator pitch, competitive advantages and, of course, information on the key selling points of your products. These questions are outlined in a short questionnaire.
  • Through weekly reports that are emailed to your team.
  • Source: NEW guarantees a minimum of 10-15 project interest reports per month. The interest is not capped, and our aim is to exceed your expectations by providing as much interest as possible throughout the campaign.
  • We recommend that you follow up project interest in a timely manner through phone calls and providing the requested information to the specification professional. Source: NEW generates brand awareness and interest,however, these conversations need to be nurtured by your sales team.
  • No. This campaign runs across the 3 main states, NSW, QLD and VIC and is purchased as package.
      • Complete a short questionnaire about your NEW product, technologies or solutions
      • Provide 8-12 product/project images with the main attributes outlined
      • Train our team over a Zoom session
  • It is $5900 + GST  for the 3 states ( NSW, VIC, QLD ) for 7 weeks.
      • Timing – Starts 31 July – 15 September 2023
      • Target- Architectural & Interior Design Firms
      • Coverage -Sydney, Melbourne, and Brisbane
      • Cost – $5900 + GST
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