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Looking for an online presence, like a website but without everything that comes with a website. Like find your domain, what hosting package do you need, finding the right person to build it for you and then mange it.

What if we told you we can get you online without all the hassel? actually almost as easy as filling out a contact form. Interested? sounds good?

vyoo.link can create a single page “websites” what we like to call business pages

hero images, business details, about, services and if you need even a contact form. links to your social, contact details and more.

need we say more – for the cherry on top – for a fraction of the cost of a website.

Lets break it down – add it up yourself domain could cost you anywhere between $15 -$80+ a year, hosting varying from $250-$450+ a year. Then you have to pay a web designer or developer and that can vary from a few hundred dollars to thousands. Monthly management fees and don’t forget paying your web designer overtime you need something changed.


with vyoo.link we will hosting, build and manage your business page for you

You get to pick your own vyoo.link url e.g. vyoo.link/yourbusiness and included is monthly changes simply submit you changes with us online and we will have you business pages updated within 48hrs.


With vyoo.link you can use your own domain

2 templates light/dark create a demo for each


template 340pr year- customised $440py

customised -you can use your own domain and we will set-up a redirect for you.

byo you domain – already have a domain and you want to use it we can set up redirect

view sample. need a full website solution vyoo.co