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Thursday 3rd March 2022

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Thursday 3rd March 2022

Presentations run from 9:00am – 4:15pm AEDT


COB Wednesday 2nd March 2022


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What's on...

9:00am – 10:00am AEDT


Rebecca Steffanoni
Solutions Specialist


Ario Narisworoputro
Mechatronics Engineer

Big Ass Fans

Sustainable Design – Using Energy Efficient Air Movement in Air-Conditioned Spaces

With a focus on passive design – working with the climate, not against it – Rebecca Steffanoni will give you a better understanding of how to incorporate air movement in a building’s design, reducing energy consumption and offering a more sustainable comfort solution.


      1. Identify the factors that affect thermal comfort. (Design; Conceptual Design; 3.4)
      2. Name the 6 factors that affect thermal comfort (Design: Schematic Design; 4.7)
      3. Understand the use of elevated airspeed to improve thermal comfort, air distribution, and energy efficiency in conditioned spaces. (Design 3.2; 4.4)
      4. Describe the design benefits of minimising ductwork, lowering HVAC first costs, and improving ventilation rates. (Design 2.2; 2.3; 4.5)
      5. Explain stratification and the energy-saving potential of de-stratifying a large open space. (Design 3.3)

This course is worth 1 Formal CPD point

10:15am – 11:15am AEDT


Dallas Jensen
Business Development



Aluminum: Breaking Tradition


The benefits of Aluminium over traditional material selection. Key considerations when designing a rooftop platform system.


      1. Discuss the benefits of Aluminium.
      2. Identify the key differences between Aluminium & Steel.
        • Corrosion
        • Stability
        • Weight
      3. Design a considered Purlin Mounted Rooftop Platform
      4. Design a considered Portal Mounted Rooftop Platform
        • X-Beam
      5. Design a Screening Solution, and discuss the benefits of your material selection.
      6. Formal Outcomes: Design: Schematic Design & Design: Pre-Design.

This course is worth 1 Formal CPD point

11:30am – 12:30pm AEDT


Staun Rasmussen
National Specification Manager



The latest developments in the production process of porcelain tile manufacturing and its impact on the quality.


With the recent technological developments in porcelain tile manufacturing, the quality and the possibilities of porcelain become more and more advanced. Staun Rasmussen will provide an overview of the production process and important aspects of the quality in porcelain tiles and how to identify them when specifying.


      1. Identifying the primary ingredients of porcelain tiles and their impact on the tile body and the quality of it.
      2. Environmental impact and sustainability of the porcelain tile manufacturing as well as of the final product.
      3. Identifying the difference between pressed-to-size tiles and cut-to-size tiles and the impact on quality.
      4. Identifying the quality of printing on the tiles.
      5. Understanding Seamless Joint Tiling technology.
      6. Updating the latest regulation of AS 3958.1 (Ceramic Tiles) and HB 198 – Slip Ratings.
      7. Formal outcomes: Conceptual Design (3.2; 3.4; 3.7) and Schematic Design (4.1; 4.2; 4.3; 4.6).

This course is worth 1 Formal CPD point

12:45pm – 1:45pm AEDT


Jemima Manton
Director of Design International + Registered Architect NSW

Five at Heart


Best practice in designing End of Trips


Developing and driving healthy, equitable and dynamic products and spaces.


      1. Understand the physical, emotional, and social impacts End of Trip (EoTs) facilities can have on user groups.
      2. Be able to design and integrate EoTs with the streetscape and pedestrian lobbies in a safe and engaged manner.
      3. Identify how considered design in EoTs can enable equitable and democratic access for this typology.
      4. Identify basic project principles and guidelines for best practice when designing EoTs.
      5. Formal outcomes: Design – Schematic Design (4.2)

This course is worth 1 Formal CPD point

2:00pm – 3:00pm AEDT


Johan Hodgson
General Manager

Sandra Bird
Marketing & Innovation Manager


Graeme Armeni
Technical Manager

Ambius Australia

Insights into Indoor plantscaping solutions for designed, healthy buildings that promote wellbeing and align with the rising trends.

Interior plantscaping is continually evolving and fast becoming a sought after solution in designing healthy indoors that offer more and meet the rising post-pandemic trends. Including Green Star rated projects where plants are specified.

Ambius CPD accredited webinar will explore and highlight key areas of designing healthy buildings with indoor plantscaping solutions and capability. Stepping through the process that helps achieve continued success in the health and wellbeing of green buildings.


      1. Latest trends in bespoke interior plantscaping design.
      2. ​Why it is important to design and incorporate plantscaping at the concept stages of the project.
      3. The benefits of utilising the right plants in the right locations (understanding the light level importance, artificial lighting)
      4. The importance of sub-irrigation and benefits (Keeping the plants alive and thriving for the life of the contract = continued success in design)
      5. Best quality plants and species; procurement and the conditions they thrive in to enable healthy indoors.
      6. How this connects to health and wellbeing, benefits of indoor plants
      7. Key terms and phrases to know when designing with indoor plantscaping: Biophilia, VOC, lux, sub-irrigation.
      8. Formal Outcomes: Design: Project Briefing (1.2;1.5), Design: Conceptual Design (3.7), Design: Schematic Design (4.1).

This course is worth 1 Formal CPD point

3:15pm – 4:15pm AEDT


Dean Carter
National Specification Manager


Darren Whetton
Technical Services


Specifying Joint Sealants – Selection & Design Considerations.

The goal of the CPD webinar is to provide participants with a valuable introduction into the role of the joint sealant in construction; functions & terminology, characteristics, technologies, considerations when specifying, common failures and most importantly, how to avoid them!


      1. Appreciate the importance and role of sealants in construction.
      2. Understand common sealant functions and terminology.
      3. Discuss the various types of joint and good joint design.
      4. Identify important considerations when specifying a sealant.
      5. Illustrate correct installation requirements and procedures.
      6. Compare various sealant technologies and applications.
      7. Recognize and understand the cause of common sealant issues.
      8. Formal outcomes: Conceptual Design (3.4; 3.7), Schematic Design (4.1; 4.4; 4.6) & Detailed Design (5.5).

This course is worth 1 Formal CPD point

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